"The art of good business is being a good middle man."
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ConnectU, International Recruiters and HR Consultants.

We like challenge, and we are passionate about finding the best solution for each individual.  

We LISTEN » we ASK » we UNDERSTAND » we SEARCH » we ASSESS » we TEST » we QUESTION » …and we Connect U

ConnectU, originated from Scotland, has opened its branches in the region of South-East Europe. At the moment, we are actively working on projects in Slovenia, Montenegro, and Croatia within this region.

We bring CARE back to your CAREer.

Our aim is to deliver quality service to professionals, who are ready to change their careers.

»       We aim to be an effective partner in your career development.

»       We interview you and identify your competences.

»       We help you understand the job market and set realistic expectations.

»       We understand your expectations, requirements, potential and motivation.

»       We screen the job market for ideal job positions for you.

»       We guide you through the process of finding a new career opportunity.

»       We prepare you for each step of the interview process to maximize your chance to succeed.

»       We assess your CV and suggest how to stand out of the crowd of candidates.

»       We give you advice in terms of your presentation.



If you want an international career, or join an international employer, we will help you:

»       We prepare you for interviews at international companies in English language.

»       We proofread your English CV.

»       We help you with a specific terminology in English.


We help U Connect with the International Environment.

Our countries of reference are: Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia, Scotland, Slovakia and New Zealand.



»       We distinguish ourselves in the market through our initiative to research the market, to interview successful professionals, to determine who have the highest motivation, potential and ability to succeed, and to target companies on their behalf as their future potential employers.

»       We offer our clients a risk free payment strategy based on success.

»       We approach you only when we have the best candidates that could not only fit, but bring an added value to your organization.


We want you to succeed. We look forward to meeting with you, and assisting you in the start of a new, exciting career.

ConnectU Team








Property Development and Construction Projects in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with a huge development potential, and a range of investors have already started or will shortly start building large scale projects on the Adriatic coast, including marinas, exclusive resorts, hotels, luxury residential villages etc. We believe this will open interesting opportunities to highly experienced professionals from construction, real estate management, hospitality and hotel management, or sales and marketing. We are always happy to speak with anyone interested in new career opportunities within this region. 


International Interviews and Careers

Are you looking for new challenges on your career path? Are you interested in international companies and international projects? Do you plan to apply for a job position abroad? We at ConnectU are here to help you with the preparations for your big journey. We put CARE back to your CAREer.