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Step 1

You send us your CV, e-mail enquiry or reply directly to one of our advertised job openings.


Step 2

We contact you within 24 hours to arrange an interview at Connect U or via the phone at a time suited to you.


Step 3

An Interview with a ConnectU consultant. The main purpose of the interview is to understand you, your background, your current status, as well as your plans and ideas for the future. It is the basis for our successful future co-operation to understand your motivation and preferences. If there is a current job opening matching your profile, you will be briefed on the position, company, project and all necessary information. If after consideration you feel the offered vacancy is not suitable for you please inform us immediately. Your feedback is essential when searching for the right opportunity for you.


Step 4

Interview preparation for Client interview, our consultant will organise an interview with our Client, but only after you have agreed and are comfortable to be presented to the discussed company. Our consultant will also prepare your profile and presentation using which you have provided us with and from our initial interview.


Step 5

Interview with the client, this may take several appointments, you will be contacted by the Connect U consultant before each appointment to receive directions and instructions on the requirements and how to prepare for the meeting (you may find useful tips in section “Before you start..” on this website). You will be debriefed after each appointment to note your feedback and comment as well as providing you with the client’s feedback, the combination of these will allow us to plan the next stage.


Step 6

Reference checking, we will contact the individuals you specified during your first interview to carry out the reference checking in accordance with the client requirements.


Step 7

The Clients offer, we will discuss with you the final queries you may have and present you with the offer. Subsequently, we will assist you and the client in further contract negotiations until your mutual satisfaction.


Step 8

Your first day, your Connect U consultant will contact you to ensure that you are comfortable starting you new role and offer any further assistance. We then stay in touch with you, and encourage you to contact us in cases of any questions or help needed.





Property Development and Construction Projects in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with a huge development potential, and a range of investors have already started or will shortly start building large scale projects on the Adriatic coast, including marinas, exclusive resorts, hotels, luxury residential villages etc. We believe this will open interesting opportunities to highly experienced professionals from construction, real estate management, hospitality and hotel management, or sales and marketing. We are always happy to speak with anyone interested in new career opportunities within this region. 


International Interviews and Careers

Are you looking for new challenges on your career path? Are you interested in international companies and international projects? Do you plan to apply for a job position abroad? We at ConnectU are here to help you with the preparations for your big journey. We put CARE back to your CAREer.