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Step 1
Role Description and Performance Indicators
The first step for our consultant is to ensure we have an accurate and detailed Role and Candidate Profile Description, including Key Performance Indicators, approved by the Client. This is based on the information issued to us, completed by further discussions with relevant members of your team, all with the aim to understand your needs, culture, plans, and expectations. 


Step 2
Sourcing Strategy
We agree on the most suitable sourcing strategy and timeframe for the recruitment process, potential dates for interviews at your site etc. 


Step 3
Dependant on Steps 1 & 2 above, some or all of the following may be used: 
Placement of advertisements in relevant areas of the business market. 
Identify suitable individuals among our extensive existing network of candidates and contacts.
Approach candidates identified and already known by the Client who are already working in the Market.
Identify the most likely areas where relevant individuals may already be employed and if requested target these areas to identify individuals who could be potentially recruited.
 We shall also advise on current market trends within the industry which we are searching and highlight expected employee packages and likely availability of suitable staff.


Step 4
Interviews & Profiles
Once we have contacted potential candidates, interviews with be organised with one of our consultants. From experience initial interviews will take on average 30-90 minutes. The main purpose of the initial interview is to understand the candidate. Their background, qualification, experience, current position, as well as their plans and requirements for the future. 

We focus on:

Education – ensure that they have the relevant qualification and professional memberships.
Work experience – investigate and checking of their claimed work experience.
Achievements – enquire as to any specific achievements within their career to date.
Specific contributions they have achieved – assess any relevant contributions which they may have implemented to previous work positions.
Strengths – areas of their current role and career where they have the strongest ability.
Weaknesses – areas of their career where they may be lacking education or training.
Career objectives – what they hope to obtain from their next employer / company.
Reason for leaving their current employment – ensure that they are leaving and available for relevant reasons and whether this is the most logical step in their career.

If we are satisfied with responses to the above assessment then we shall inform them of the position and company and if they are in agreement then we will present them for interview by the Client.

Step 5
Shortlist & Presentation
We will provide you with a profile of each of the short listed candidates. The candidate profile will give a short description of the experience and key achievements of each candidate, and why we feel that these key achievements are powerful and accurate indicators of the future success of the candidate in your company. The candidate profile will also typically give a description of language and technical skills, motivation and salary expectations.


Step 6
Client / Candidate Meetings & Feedback
We arrange the meetings and prepare the candidates to best utilise the Clients and Candidates time. Depending on the position it may be necessary for several interviews with the Clients team to ensure that all relevant persons have been able to assess the candidate.Once Client / Candidate interviews have been carried out we shall contact both parties to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and to assist the process to the next stage. We recommend that contact with both parties and review of the interview is carried out as soon as possible following the interview to ensure that no momentum is lost by either party in the recruitment process.


Step 7
Reference Checks
For each candidate in whom you express serious interest, we can on request provide a detailed Reference Report. Wherever essential, we will check professional qualifications and memberships.


Step 8
Recruitment Decision
As part of our role we can assist in negotiating candidate terms and availability, and can act as an impartial intermediate as and when required. It is crucial that this stage of the process is progressed as quickly as possible to ensure that candidates are not lost or become disillusioned. At this stage we actively discuss with the candidates any final queries and concerns and present them with the offer. If required we assist in further contract negotiations to ensure mutual satisfaction.


Unless otherwise advised we shall report each week to update the Client on the progress of the assignment. If agreed by the Client, we can present candidates matching the profile of individual positions immediately following the initial interview and once we have collected all necessary information to ensure the suitability of the candidate.


Typical Assignment Programme:

 Week One Role Specification
  Commence Search
  Initial Research
  Preparation of long list
 Week Two & Three Interview Program
  Preparation of the shortlist
  Presentation of the short-listed candidates
 Week Four & Five Organisation of client meetings
  Second round of presentations if necessary
 Week Six Final Reference checks
  Offer negotiation

The whole recruitment process depends on co-operation with the Client, on timely feedback and up to date information about the decisions Clients requirements for future assignment progress.


Property Development and Construction Projects in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with a huge development potential, and a range of investors have already started or will shortly start building large scale projects on the Adriatic coast, including marinas, exclusive resorts, hotels, luxury residential villages etc. We believe this will open interesting opportunities to highly experienced professionals from construction, real estate management, hospitality and hotel management, or sales and marketing. We are always happy to speak with anyone interested in new career opportunities within this region. 


International Interviews and Careers

Are you looking for new challenges on your career path? Are you interested in international companies and international projects? Do you plan to apply for a job position abroad? We at ConnectU are here to help you with the preparations for your big journey. We put CARE back to your CAREer.