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By definition an entrepreneur is one who takes accountability for risks. The clever entrepreneur or business operator take calculated risks. Most have a business plan, have consulted with an accountant, and often have sought advice from their attorney. However, many businesses fall short in their planning and control of employment relationships.  


Have you experienced difficulties with any of the following in your company? 


?      A lack of policies or procedures or conversely too much information in your employee handbooks making them compete with War and Peace?

?      An absence of detailed job descriptions, which could result in unreasonable expectations from your employees?

?      The misdirection of employees therefore not using their full potential?

?      Inconsistencies in day-to-day operations, the lack of accurate targets and achievements?

?      A lack of confidence in a new member of staff even after so much time and money has been expended in their hiring?

?      A lack of relevant documentation?

?      A lack of performance evaluation, identification of those who deserve reward and those who should work harder?

?      Losing your best staff to the competition leaving you with a big gap with noone to do their job and a lose of experience?  


If any of this applies to you, read on..  


Our goal is simple and straightforward: to provide the right HR service for your unique situation. Whether you are a business executive or a human resources manager, you will want to implement HR solutions that are easy to manage, in line with your business objectives and your budget.   


Our approach is an initial no fee consultation, a one-hour meeting to understand your business, objectives and areas of concern. Then we'll put together a customized, cost-effective plan based on a mutual understanding of your needs.